​​​Austin Brainspotting


Austin Brainspotting Counseling (ABC) is an effective, emerging way to tap into deep brain processes for your healing and reduced suffering, especially after trauma. ABC can be helpful in as little as 1-3 sessions with the right counselor relationship in place.

What would

your life look like with less pain + struggle?

The answer is right

before your eyes.

What it is

Why it Works

Who it is for

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If you are feeling anxious, stressed, stuck, confused, afraid, depressed, lonely, flat-lined, low or not-yourself, you may be experiencing symptoms that ABC can help.

It can be used for any age & any stage of therapy; ABC can work with your therapist/Dr. to accomplish your specific goals + relief.

"Where we look affects how we feel."
David Grand, PhD/Brainspotting Founder

Your eyes are actually a part of your brain!
Because your visual field is a direct highway to your midbrain, it can be used to access deep emotions and memory networks to gain clarity and improve your quality of life.